City of Lakeport, California

Gen X Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
6/6/2018, starts 7:00 PM

The GenX Cinema series presents the 1988 animated/live action film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” starring Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd and Kathleen Turner, on Wednesday, June 6, at 7:00 pm at the Soper Reese Theatre in Lakeport. Entry is by donation.


An innovative, entertaining and very funny 1988 film with a touching and original story that will appeal to all ages.  Richard Williams won a special achievement Oscar for his groundbreaking animation which makes the pen and ink characters seem more like flesh and blood as they interact with live onscreen actors.


The film is rated PG with run time of 1 hour 44 minutes. The film is presented by the Lake County Theatre Company and the Soper Reese Theatre. The Soper Reese Theatre is located at 275 S. Main St., Lakeport, 707-263-0577,

For More Information: Soper Reese Website

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