City of Lakeport, California


The City of Lakeport Community Development Department Building Division is responsible for enforcement of the California Building Standards Code.  These are the State laws that regulate the construction of all buildings and structures. 

The Building Division reviews and approves construction plans, and issues building permits.  Once permits are issued, the building inspector inspects the construction projects to ensure compliance with approved plans and state and local laws.  When the projects have passed all inspections and have met all other requirements of the City, County, and State agencies, the Building Inspector will sign off on the permit and in some cases issue a Certificate of Occupancy.  The Building Division does not have jurisdiction for public schools, hospitals, or for tenant spaces within mobile home parks. Permits are required for retrofit manufactured home foundations and structures separate from the manufactured home on private land.

Building permit records and copies of approved plans are kept on file at the City as required by state law.  These records are available for public access at the Building Department located at City Hall.  There is a retrieval fee for any records that are requested that have been archived.