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Icon Building Permit Application (109kb)

Icon Contractor & Subcontractor Information Form (113kb)
This form is needed when there is a General Contractor and subcontractors working on a construction project. The City verifies that all subcontractors have a City of Lakeport Business License and the appropriate State contractor's license.

Icon Demolition Policies (290kb)

Icon Document Search Request (7kb)

Icon Land and Building Development Information (92kb)
Land and building development within the City of Lakeport must comply with locally adopted ordinances and resolutions. This handout provides a summary of the City’s requirements.

Icon Owner-Builder Verification & Information Forms (129kb)
These forms must be completed and submitted when a property owner or tenant (authorized by property owner) is applying for a building permit. They are not required if the permit application is submitted by a State-licensed contractor.

Icon Re-Roofing Supplemental Information (7kb)

Icon Sewer Expansion Fees - 2018 (206kb)
Sewer expansion fees are determined based on a combination of buy-in fees and incremental cost expense. The buy-in fee is based on historical investments that the City and CLMSD have made to the sewer system. The buy-in fee involves calculating the replacement cost – less depreciation value of the sewer system assets and determining the percentage of those assets, which provide capacity to future customers.

Icon Standard Plan Requirements for Building Permits (80kb)
This handout describes the types of construction plans and details that may be required for a project that requires a City of Lakeport Building Permit. Please contact Building Department staff if you have questions regarding what types of plans will be required.

Icon Tree Preservation Supplemental Information Sheet (11kb)

Icon Water Expansion Fees 2018 (97kb)

Icon Work Exempt From a Building Permit (73kb)
Handout detailing projects and improvements that are exempt from permit requirements of the 2007 California Building Code.

Total folder file size: 1214kb.